Thursday, March 26, 2009

My son already has 22,000 dollar in debt Thanks to Washington.

The other day I was sad to learn from Fox News that my son which was born on Friday already has $22,000 in debt just for taking a breath here in america. That is disturbing that we are already living off of him. Something is fundimentally wrong with borrowing from future generations and Washington doesn't care. This is a song and monolog that I totally agree with. Hits the situation of what the real world is really like.

Friday, February 13, 2009

This is how America should work. Not by governmental force and pacification

Please watch the first clip read and than watch the second clip

I heard this clip from Glenn Beck the other morning while I was at work and it bothered the heck out of me for some reason. How about you? Should the government provide a house for this woman and her son? I contend NO. If she gets a house with no payments why not you and I. That is the state that we would find ourselves in Socialism. Living much like the Soviets of the 20th century. I think that they should be left out on the street to better themselves. As Ben Franklin said "To drive a person out of poverty you have to make him uncomfortable in it..."

Here is the rest of the story......

I don't care much for the title of this video because Obama wasn't the one that helped her. It was the blond woman and her husband.

I believe in life all of us have trials wether it be joblessness, problem children, living in a car with your son ect. It happens to all of us. I believe that is a large part why we are here. To personally grow from the trials and helping others. If our help is a faceless, as the government is as it helps, how do we grow without gaining a sence of entitlement. We are leaching from the system and from others that pay into that system. This being why I believe in the individual as opposed to the collective. This woman that came forward to help after this woman came out with her problem is an angel. To be in the state of mind to offer so freely of her home is a testment to that. I think that because of this both women will grow. I hope that Herriett will continue to grow close to this woman and her husband and they can help her find a job. I think that they have a few strings that they can pull. If the help is offered and Herriett doesn't want to work I hope they kick her out of their house. She is just a free loader. I have a strong distaste for free loaders (like the single woman that had 8 kids and is on well fare)

As mad as I was when I first heard this story. I am on the opposite side now. It is an inspiration. When we share so freely like this woman the growth that we have as a person is greater. When you compare it to the experience of when you look at your paycheck and see how much the government has taken for medicad taxes. Which is better. Both is charitable and patriotic but which do we gain from more?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My new representative

Wymar inflation here we come, next global currency

Nice spending bill congress

This week saw a lot of change on the political front. Last week I thought Barak was on a good track with stating that he would not allow any lobbiests in his administration and a new era of accountabity. Boy has that changed. First off you see Timothy Geithner put in as Treasury Secretary. This guy is a dishonest gambler in his personal life and the designer of TARP the first bailout. (That sure worked out good) He didn't pay 34,000 dollars in taxes until just before he was picked by Obama as the Treasury Secretary. He said that Turbo Tax didn't promt him to pay the tax. (the paper he signed saying he owed the tax wasn't enough apparently) Remember the scrutany that Joe the Plumber got when he talked to Obama about his socalist views? The media ran him through the ringer because of his tax issues. He was a private citizen. Geithner is in charge of the IRS, Printing presses and the secret service. I think he needs a little more scutany than Joe, but he didn't get it. He also had a illegal alien working for him until she had a kid. That enable her to stay. Remember Mitt Romney when his landscaper had an illegal working for him. The media also scrutinized Mitt for hiring a landscaper who hired illegals. Geighner hired this lady directly. Again Obama is a media darling and Geithner is too smart to fail. Geithner quickly hired a lobbiest as on of his close advisers. When asked about it Obama just blew it off and answered someother question much in the same fashion as the debates for the presidency.

How can we trust this presidency when they appoint people who are gamblers in their own life. They do things that are gutsy and could get them put in jail if they get caught. (if they were privat citizens and not too smart to fail) What will they do with other peoples money when it doesn't have much effect on them?

It ticks me off that the Senate approved this guy and the overwhelming feeling was Geithner is too smart to not be in this position. Orrin Hatch will not get my vote next time for ignoring this issue and saying that it was an "honest mistake" Maybe Wesly Snipes and the Survior winner should have used that excuse and they could have got away with it and wouldn't have to spend any time in jail.

The other thing that really bothers me it that 850 billion dollar so called stimulus package. Look into what this thing has in it. It will tick you off. The interest alone on this thing will be an additional 357 billion dollars if we pay it off by 2020. I am sure that will happen. It increased each house hold debt by $9000. Did you know that 1 trillion dollars stacked in 100 dollar bills would be 63 miles tall? They changed the phrasing in the bill to say "This bill will create or protect the loss of 2 million jobs" Not just create.

I personally feel that the Obama drum beating of change is a fluke. Looking at the last two weeks, it began good. I thought that Obama was really going to try and change things for the good. Move us a little more right of Bush it would have been hard to get farther left, but here we are. I think the last week Obama jumped in Bush's car that was heading for a cliff, tapped on the brakes and proceded to put the pedal to the medal. We need to write to our congressmen and senate leaders to try and slow this thing down. That is the only way to stop Pelosi, Reid and Obama. I hope they will listen. They should, they represent us. Please do this let them know how you feel.